Walk-in Coolers and Freezers for All Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

Customized walk-in coolers and freezers provide appropriate temperature control, meeting your cooling needs. The coolers and freezers used normally are of the standard cold chamber types that help to freeze or cool chemicals, foods, beverages, fruits, meat, vegetables, and other equipment stored in the chamber.

The chambers vary in their width, height, and length. The temperature of the chamber ranges from -5 °C to -20 °C. The cold room can be disassembled and assembled again if you need to move it to another location. At Climatrol, we offer expert commercial freezer repair services, ensuring there is minimal downtime due to preventative maintenance.

Expert Commercial Freezer Repair

The cold chamber is made of polyurethane of high density to provide the required insulation. The grooved panel, cam lock tongue, and gasket help provide a perfect seal. The fan coil, condensing unit, and digital thermostat ensure temperature control is maintained precisely.

We have the needed experience and expertise in freezer repair. Our certified repair technicians take care of all the repair and service of your commercial refrigeration units. We provide emergency and regular maintenance services that minimize downtime while improving efficiency.

Our repair services extend to

  • Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Walk-in Coolers and freezers
  • Beer coolers
  • Keg coolers
  • Blast chillers and freezers
  • Undercounted freezers and refrigerators
  • Display Cases
  • Ice machines

Our Service Highlights

We ensure complete customer satisfaction with our services which include:

  • 24/7 service and repair of commercial freezers
  • Service by expert, experienced, and reliable technicians
  • 90-day labor and parts guarantee

Frequently Faced Issues in Walk-in Freezers

We offer expert repair services for all types of commercial refrigeration units. Some of the common issues faced in this field include

  • Power breakdown

A power outage may be due to a blown fuse, fault in control board of storage room, wiring issues or tripping of the circuit breaker.

  • Excessively high temperature

Product overload, frequent door opening, the build-up of frost on evaporator are some of the reasons behind high temperature.

  • Constant operation of motor

Continuous operation of motor indicates a leak in the refrigerant or leak in another part of the unit which allows escape of the cooled air.

  • Freezer ice buildup

Ice accumulation on evaporator coils or air vent denotes underlying fault which calls for professional maintenance.

  • Drain pan ice

Defective heater or a block in the drain line leads to ice buildup in the drain pan. This also needs professional repair services.

We are ready to swing into immediate action now to resolve your problems.

Maintenance of Walk-in Freezers

Commercial freezers, especially walk-in models, help protect valuable inventory, shielding your assets securely whether they are food, chemicals or other products. A continuous operation of freezers is particularly significant in industries like food service, data centers, pharmaceuticals to name a few. Although appropriate focus should be on maintenance and care, in the event of a commercial freezer repair, you should be able to identify the fault and rectify it before it worsens.

Proficient Repair and Maintenance

Commercial walk-in cooler and freezer breakdown can lead to huge amount of loss in the form of expensive replacements and loss of business. We at Climatrol offer reliable services that adhere to your schedule, ensuring there is minimal work disruption in your operations.

Our guaranteed labor and parts services ensure your business functions smoothly. We offer the best competitive prices in the field without any hidden fees. Contact us now to avail our reliable services.