Exceptional Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Refrigeration needs for industries are varied and complex. Without appropriate cooling solutions, industries stand to lose tremendously. The expert team at Climatrol provides innovative commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions that meet your requirements perfectly. Our solutions cover all types of temperature sensitive areas, ensuring you receive a high quality and cost-effective service always.

Innovative Cooling Solutions

The commercial refrigeration solutions offered by us cover a wide range of industries, including chemical plants, warehouses for cold storage, and several other industries. The different refrigeration systems employed by us are:

  • Evaporative condensers: Evaporative condensers help reduce the energy consumption and have a lower condensation temperature than air chillers. They are also quieter than the air chillers.
  • Reciprocating compressors: The reciprocating compressors are also a popular method used in refrigeration for their high efficiency and precision cooling.
  • Water chillers: These are capable of handling large loads efficiently and ideal for industrial and commercial applications. These are unobtrusive and require minimal maintenance, hence considered best suitable for industrial refrigeration.
  • Hygienic Air Handlers: These are customized systems, supplying filtered, clean, and appropriately conditioned air to the critical processing regions of an industry.
  • Air Units: The air-cooled chiller units supply the water needed for air handler units. These are serviceable, low cost, and simple in design.
  • Screw Compressors: Screw compressors are used to bring about vapor compression in the ammonia refrigeration.

Ammonia refrigeration systems are considered environment-friendly as they do not deplete the ozone layer and have minimal impact on the climate change. It is also easy to detect any leaks with ammonia refrigeration systems. For the right cooling system that serves your purpose, get in touch with us now.

Scalable Solutions

Growing businesses look for customized and scalable cooling solutions that meet their needs adequately. We design and incorporate environmentally friendly and energy conserving systems appropriate for your budget and specific requirements. Our expert cooling engineers provide the ideal solutions with a good cost structure that safeguards your assets through their lifetime.

Climatrol Refrigeration Services

The services we offer include installation, maintenance, and repair of:

  • Industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, and institutional refrigeration services
  • Food distribution systems
  • Rack system
  • Pharmaceutical storage
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers
  • Insulated panels

New and Refurbished Cooling Systems

Whether you are constructing a new industrial plant or in need to upgrade the cooling system for your refurbished plant, we offer the expertise and experience needed to provide the perfect solution that meets your specific business requirements. We ensure your system is designed, installed, and operating correctly.

Our refrigeration services help to save capital outlay, reduce production downtime, and improve reliability, meeting with existing environmental standards. Our service capabilities are focused on industrial and commercial facilities and include low-temperature chillers, merchandise boxes, and other applications.

Contact Us Now

At Climatrol, we understand the significance of proper refrigeration systems and aim at reducing downtime, thus enabling you to save money and time with our top-quality cooling solutions. Our customized temperature control systems and design expertise have saved our clients several thousand dollars.

Our expert team specializes in service, repair, installation, and preventative maintenance, so your facility is in premium condition. We reduce maintenance costs and respond instantly to emergency service calls. Our services are designed specifically to ensure your business operates in a seamless and profitable manner. We are just a call away.