Server Room Air Conditioning

Server room air conditioning is a crucial factor in data protection that should not be ignored. Businesses today rely on servers for ready access to data and uninterrupted communication. Servers are crucial for keeping their operations organized and highly productive. If you are experiencing server room air conditioning issues call 800-267-4561 today for a Free System Evaluation and Quote.

Server Room A/C Repair

Server room A/C repair is one of our specialties at Climatrol. Our staff of highly trained technicians and engineers are prepared to handle all of your server room A/C repair needs.

At Climatrol, we deal with many server issues that stem from lack of proper cooling system maintenance. We offer both emergency server room A/C repair and preventative maintenance programs for businesses.



Basic Server Room Air Conditioning

Server Room A/C RepairThe basic principle of cooling a server room is simple. It involves air delivery, heat rejection, and movement of air. But, the systems used for the cooling are complex. You can find several smaller components in the system. These include pumps, compressors, thermostats, belts, duct work, blower motors, chillers, cooling towers, humidifiers, and fans. All these influence the operation of the cooling system and its effectiveness. For that hassle-free and smooth functioning of your system, contact us today.

A conventional cooling system may have the following components in its cooling system:

Chillers: This is a component that generates chilled water through refrigeration. It delivers the chilled water to the air handler system via pumps.

Cooling towers: These are like the traditional HVAC systems but with larger fans. The towers use a different heat transfer medium.

Humidifiers: These are used to tackle the water loss and maintain proper humidity levels in the server room. These are also available as standalone units.

How environmental control influences your server safety?

Issues with high temperature, humidity, and air circulation are major factors server room A/C systems regulate. Let us look into each one of these issues:

Improper Temperature Control

One of the vital factors that influence cooling in a server room is heat generated from the servers. Whether your server room is large or small, a high temperature in the room can wreak havoc to your business. In fact, the small server rooms are the most affected when it comes to poor temperature control.

When you ignore the changes in temperature, it can result in serious consequences for your business. These consequences could include:

  • More downtime
  • Loss in productivity
  • Loss of critical business data

Lack of Proper Humidity

Humidity is another crucial factor to consider in server room cooling. Too dry rooms creates higher static electricity, causing damage to the equipment and eventually failure. Whereas, a high humidity level also causes system failure and damage due to condensation.

Insufficient Air Circulation

Since server rooms generate a high amounts of heat, internal fans are used to lower the heat. This is why ventilation systems are employed to replace the hot air from the fan with cool air. They keep the room relatively cool. Improper air circulation causes damage in two ways such as high temperature and accumulation of excessive dust.

When it comes to cooling a server room, the needs of every server or data center is different. Factors that play a large role in selection of the appropriate system include:

  1. Geographical location within a facility
  2. Server installation densities
  3. Room layout

At CLIMATROL, we have the experience and resources to help protect your server room and  critical business data from environmental damage. You can safeguard your data with our certified expert design, repair, and maintenance services. Our services ensure your bottom line is safe and profitable.

Do not let an inadequately maintained server room upset your business. Contact us today or call 800-267-4561 now for a Free maintenance and calibration quote.